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  • Welcome to GuntherFans.com - Finally a site dedicated to Gunther and the beautiful Sunshine Girls, and his brilliant life-chaning philosohpy of Champagne, Glamour, Sex & Respect.

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    *** BREAKING NEWS!! ***
  • 2 Brand new songs lyrics from Gunther are now available! :
    Gunther - Obsession (Length 2:15 - Lyrics)
    Gunther - My Boudoir (Length 2:12 - Lyrics)
    Gunther is currently in tour in the US!... check back soon for further details!

    Gunther Forums

    That's right all beautiful people! A forum is coming just to discuss Gunther, the Sunshine Girls, and everything galmourous! Bookmark this page and check back shortly to join in on the forum!

  • About G�nther

    G�nther is a 29 year old swedish musician (real name Mats S�derlund), and is sometimes referred to as "Gunther Levi." He is now the most respected person in the world. When he's not working on his sexual-revolution G�nther is also a club owner, and a former model. He first started his musical career in 2004 - catching attention for his mullet, moustache and facial expressions.

    G�nther is most famous for his worldwide smash hit the "Ding Dong Song." His unique musical style has been classified as pop and dance, with upbeat, pop influenced rhythms. G�nther has already had three sensational Swedish #1 singles! (Teeny Weeny String Bikini, Touch Me, and Ding Dong Song.)

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